The One item always in My Bag

Over the last several years I’ve amassed a fairly embarrassing collection of thermoses and water bottles from sporting events or conferences or gifts here and there.  When we were cleaning out our apartment or condo in San Francisco to step back to NYC, I finally purged all of the random (very, very crappy) water bottles, and culled my collection down to the few, the proud, the bobbles.

(RIP odd random credit scores Suisse thermos from 2013.  I’ll always remember you fondly, especially from the time you leaked and discarded coffee all over the inside of my brand new Tory Burch tote bag.)

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While the majority of these items clogging my cabinets bit the dust, as my close friends know, my collection of bobble Insulates and bobble Infuse was not going anywhere. It’s a bit of an inside joke that I love these things so much I now have them in like 6 different colors and variations because I actually never, ever leave home without them. even when I’m at home there’s a 99.8% chance a bobble is within a twelve-inch radius of my ideal hand. even rich has fallen victim to their splendor, and I very much take pleasure in seeing my 6’3″ former-football-player husband gleefully run out the door with a bright coral pink bobble in hand. Ce?! The silver one was dirty! I don’t care, I freaking love these things! #RealMenWearPink

Whether it’s filling the bobble Insulate with coffee or tea on cold mornings on the way to the office, or re-filling it with ice water at my desk, the hot drinks stay hot and the cold drinks cold.  To additionally illustrate my addiction to these water bottles, there have been lots of days where I actually leave the house with three bobbles in my bag—one filled with coffee or tea to drink immediately, one filled with lemon and ice water for at my desk and another filled with soup for lunch.  four hours later I open that thing up and the soup is still piping hot.  Ahhhhhhh.

I’m a longtime user of the bobble Insulate, but I’ve also been obsessively using the bobble Infuse for the last several months as well.  It has this great little infuser that connects to the lid that can either house a carbon filter for purifying tap water OR any kind of fruit, veggie (LOVE throwing in cucumber), or herb.  I often throw a couple slices of lemon in there which I try to drink in the morning because Oprah or Martha Stewart or Chrissy Teigen or lady Gaga or someone told me it’s good for me.

And, as someone that’s kind of sort of a little bit into aesthetics, it doesn’t hurt that they come in a bunch of incredibly cute colors.  I’m also just a huge fan of the design overall—especially at the gym.  There’s something very appealing about how it feels in your hand and the loop on top makes it incredibly easy to get hold of when you’re on the move.

I highly recommend you check them out, and, if you’re trying to find a great holiday gift for  coworkers, family or friends, you can’t go wrong with these babies!

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Outfit Details:

COAT: Kenzo x H&M  |  SHIRT: Brooks brothers  |  SATIN SKIRT: H&M  |  SHOES: c/o SJP Collection  |  BELT: c/o Express (also love THIS ONE)  |  TIGHTS: Nordstrom  |  RINGS: c/o Mejuri  |  TOTE: c/o Lo & Sons  |  SUNGLASSES: Smoke x Mirrors

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Thanks to bobble for partnering on this post!

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